Saturday, July 28, 2012


We went rafting today with all of Andrew's family, except for Bill, Elaine, and Micah. The kids did great out on the river!  I got terribly sunburned on my legs (they haven't seen much sun this summer!), but still had a fun time. We hadn't been rafting in a few years, and I forgot how relaxing and peaceful it is out there! Thanks to the Scotts and Ewers for supplying the rafts!
 I am in the gray raft with Brian, Andrew, and Bekah. Chloe is wearing the pink hat in the little raft with Shae and Ella.
Jen and I taking a break from rafting
 After rafting, we went back to Bill and Elaine's house for a BBQ dinner to celebrate Bekah's birthday. After dinner, the kids each grabbed a book and wanted to read with Grandma and Grandpa. I love that my kids love books and love their grandparents!!!

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