Friday, January 22, 2010

2 year check up

Chloe was not in a very good mood for her 2 year check up today, so I have no pictures. I was either holding her or sitting next to her on the table the whole time, trying to keep her happy. She is staying consistent with her growth:
weight: 29 lbs, 75th percentile
height: 34 in, 78th percentile

Friday, January 15, 2010

The Big Reveal!!

We had our ultrasound this morning and found out the gender of our baby. Tonight, we had a family birthday party for Elaine and me, and thought it would be fun to surprise our family by putting either blue or pink frosting in the middle of the cake to announce our news.
the grandmas cut open the cake
blue frosting=we're having a boy!!

Chloe sampled the frosting to make sure it was ok (don't worry, there are no raw eggs!)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Big girl bed!!!

Now that Chloe is two, and we are thinking ahead that we will need the crib in 5 months for a baby (yikes--5 months!!), we decided to buy Chloe a twin bed. Chloe had fun "helping" daddy build the bed frame. Andrew finished putting it all together while Chloe and I were out, and when we came home, Chloe ran to her room and just stood at the doorway staring at the bed. She then ran over to it and kept saying "big bed" over and over. I took her shoes off and she climbed in and, of course, had to jump a few times to test it out!!
Naptime went really well, and she stayed in her bed the whole time, only needing a few reminders to lie down and go to sleep. At bed time, I told her it was time for jammies and to brush her teeth, and Chloe said, "go night-night in big bed!" She is definitely excited about her new bed!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Sit n spin

Chloe's cousins gave her this gift for either Christmas or her birthday--can't remember which! Anyway, she loves it! She spins herself around and around saying, "Wheeeee!!!"