Friday, April 25, 2008

4 months old!! (tomorrow)

This is going to be a quick post--we still have a bunch to pack for the move tomorrow and I am getting tired already!! I am so thankful that my parents have been in town and helping pack all week. Thanks Mom and Dad!!

Chloe had her 4 month check up today. 15 pounds and 0.5 ounces!! This puts her in the 82nd percentile. Length is 25 inches--80th percentile. I opted to skip shots today, as we have a big weekend ahead of us--moving and the baby dedication at church on Sunday. She was pretty cranky after her last shots and I would like to have a happy baby this weekend. That's all for now...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Today is our 3 year anniversary! I am sure that all of you who are married will agree that it seems like the time goes so quickly--it seems like we just got married! On other days, it seems like we have been married forever!! Andrew is such a great husband and dad and I feel so blessed to be married to him!

Our good friend Ade suggested that we take a weekend away (without Chloe!!) to celebrate our anniversary and we took her advice! Andrew found a good deal on a suite at the Tahoe Seasons Resort near Heavenly in South Lake Tahoe and we spent Saturday night there. As much as we missed Chloe, it was so nice to be able to have time to spend on us and our marriage, without the baby. We were able to take naps, sleep in, and eat out at yummy restaurants! On Sunday we went to Apple Hill on our way home--my first time there!! We shared a caramel apple and bought some pies to bring home. Thanks so much to Ade and my parents for watching Chloe, so we could take a trip! We had so much fun, that we vowed to try to take a childless-trip every year! Everyone did have a good laugh at me though when we got home, because as soon as the car was stopped, I jumped out and ran into Chloe's room to peek at her while she was sleeping! It took a lot of restraint to not pick her up. I missed her so much!!

The pictures of us on Saturday night did not turn out very well, but here is one anyway. We posed outside of the restaurant, even though it was in the 20's and windy outside. The lake was so pretty, though!

The suite that we stayed in was really nice and had a view of the mountains and some of the runs at Heavenly. My favorite part of the suite was the jacuzzi tub! I had this dream about buying a house with a jacuzzi tub and had visions of relaxing bubble baths with jets. Well, that did not end up happening, so we found a hotel with a tub, instead. Look how big it was!!

The rest of this week is going to be filled with packing boxes and getting ready for our big move on Saturday. If you live close by and are available on Saturday, we would love help loading and unloading our moving truck!! Love to you all!!!

(For those of you looking for pictures of Chloe, I will post pictures of her after her 4 month check up on Friday!)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

cute pictures!

Our friends Dan and Andrea are buying some new living room furniture and are very generously giving us their slightly used couch, love seat, and recliner. We have a lot of other furniture that we need to buy for our new house and we know that couches and such are going to take a beating with the spit up and toddler years ahead of us. We are so grateful to get used furniture from someone we know and has taken good care of it. And they all match! The hand me down furniture that we have now is so random and none of it matches. This is a picture of Andrew, Chloe, and I sitting on the sofa, waiting for Bible study to start. Chloe looked so cute sitting there all by herself that we had to take a family photo!
On Sunday, Jen and I coordinated to have Ella and Chloe wear matching dresses to church. They are so cute! Pete thought that it was socially unacceptable for women to wear the same dress, but I hope the girls don't mind too much! Their Grandma Elaine bought them matching summer dresses already, so we will be able to have more cute photos!
On Sunday, Chloe and I drove with our friend Andrea and her son Drew to Palo Alto. We spent the night and then drove into SF on Monday morning for Drew's appointment at UCSF. When trying to determine the sleeping arrangements on Sunday night, I determined that the best place for my noisy daughter to sleep would be the bathroom! Andrea was worried about someone stepping on her, so I put her in the bathtub! Drew was very confused about why the baby was sleeping in the bathtub and not a bed, but it worked really well!

Chloe was such a good traveler! She slept most of the way in the car and was so patient! While Drew was doing his assessments, Chloe ate and had a diaper change in the hospital cafeteria and then again at Starbucks! She had so much fun lying on the table at Starbucks and people watching and talking to whoever would listen! She is such a social baby!

Other than getting to hang out with our friends, I think the most exciting part of the day for me was when we were browsing at the UCSF bookstore. I fed Chloe (for the 4th time in SF) and then as we were leaving, I looked at the candy rack and saw Whatchamacallit candy bars!!! These are my absolute favorite candy bars and I have been craving one for a few months and could not find one at any of the stores I have looked at. I was convinced that they stopped making them! I used some restraint and only bought one, even though I wanted to buy the whole box!! Andrew's comment when I got home was that he was glad they were not selling them for $200 because I would have paid that much! I don't know about that, but I thought it was well worth the $0.99 I paid for it! I could not resist the temptation any longer and I ate it after lunch today. It was soooo good!

The sad thing is that Chloe now has her 3rd cold of her babyhood. She has had a cough for a few days, but it is now much worse and she is congested and cranky. I hope she gets well quickly!!