Saturday, October 25, 2008

Christmas in October and Pumpkin Patch

Chloe's Aunt Kristen decided that Chloe needed a walker to help develop and show off her walking skills. By December, Chloe will probably already be walking, so she needed the walker now! So, on Friday, Chloe opened her first Christmas present. She loves it!! She cruises all over the living room with her tongue hanging out and a huge smile on her face. She is usually making some sort of funny noises too! Her balance is getting so much better!

She has not yet figured out how to turn, or stop and move the walker when she runs into something. She will either whine until we turn her and the toy so she can keep walking, or she sits down and moves on to play with something else.

There's that tongue again....

Earlier today, Chloe and I went to a pumpkin patch with some of the ladies from my Bible Study. It was hot out there!! Chloe and Irie had fun on the hay ride (above). Chloe really was more interested in trying to steal Irie's sippy cup than any of the scenery, but it was still fun! The hay was fun for her to pick at, too.
These are all of the kids on the train: Ella, Eben, Drew, Chloe, Irie, Ava. We rescued Irie after this picture and then she was a happy girl!
I think that pumpkin farms and such will be a bit more fun for Chloe once she is a little older, so she can ride the ponies and go in bounce houses. The other kids all had fun feeding the animals, but I did not let Chloe try, because she would probably have eaten the food herself, rather than feeding the animals! Maybe next year!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lake Tahoe

Over the weekend, Andrew, Chloe, and I went to Lake Tahoe with Andrew's parents. We had fun hanging out at the cabin, playing games, horseshoes, and doing some geocaching and hiking. Chloe loved all the new places to explore, and tried to eat everything that she could get her hands on! Chloe was not so sure about this hat we made her wear.
Chloe and Daddy posing in front of an old Episcopalian Church in Tahoe City.
Chloe doing her favorite pose with Grandma. Gotta love that tongue hanging out!!
While we were on our hike, Chloe started getting a bit fussy, so I gave her the tube for my Camelback to suck on. She was able to get some water out--very impressive! (Grandpa is in the background sporting his Red Sox hat.)
This was in front of the cabin right before we came home.

Monday, October 13, 2008


My friend Jen customized this desktop for me. I love this picture of Chloe and I think this whole idea of digital scrapbooking is very fun, especially if someone else does it for me!!!

So, the memory card on my camera is broken, so I have not been taking many pictures. Chloe and I took our first trip to Apple Hill on Friday with Amy and Molly, and I stole the picture below from Amy's blog. It was a super windy day and it started snowing as we were getting ready to leave, but we still had a lot of fun. No, Amy and I are not sisters, and no the girls are not related. I don't know how many people asked us that while we were wandering around!!! I hope to post more pictures once I get them from Amy!