Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sacramento Zoo

Chloe and I also have started going to the Sacramento Zoo with friends. It is so fun for her to see the animals (when they aren't sleeping)!

reading the mapChloe's favorite so far are the flamingoes. (I just looked this up on dictionary.com and it can be spelled either flamingos or flamingoes. Interesting!) I think she likes them because they are bright, there are lots of them, and they are up close where she can see them easily.
First carousel ride. She kept saying "whee!"
l-r Meigan, Faye, Ella, me, Chloe (Jen was the photographer)
not looking so excited here....

The pictures that follow were from a different zoo day, with friends from my mom's group at Arcade Church. Although, Chloe was wearing another green shirt...

Gavin and Chloe were trying to climb in to join the flamingoes

talking with Charles

looking at the giraffes. For some reason, my friends were nervous about Chloe standing on her stroller like that. They made me pose for a picture! I think she was just trying to get a better view. Giraffes are pretty tall, you know!
staying hydrated--it was hot out there!

Elle has this nifty double stroller and the seats can be in a bunch of different arrangements. Chloe loved facing Gavin like this! Looking at the chimps!
worn out after a long morning at the zoo. This picture cracks me up, because it reminds me of how my dad looks when he nods off in his chair--head resting on his hand! This picture is for you, Gramps!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fairytale Town

Chloe and I met up with some friends at Fairytale Town for a playdate. Chloe loved running around with Gavin and exploring!I had just finished telling my friend Elle that Chloe did not like corndogs, when Chloe grabs Gavin's corndog and proceeds to eat most of it. Chloe likes to try to prove me wrong!

Pumping water on Jack and Jill's hill
riding Cinderella's horses
I think one of Chloe's favorite parts of the day was discovering drinking fountains! They are all over at the park and she loved to push the buttons and try to drink the water. She was still a bit too short for some of them, but it was still fun for her!Gavin helping Chloe!
So, I asked Chloe to "sit" so that I could take her picture, and she sat on the ground!
Then, I clarified that I wanted her to sit in the chair, and she gave me her infamous "cheese" face! driving the tractor! such a big girl!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

For Father's Day this year, Chloe gave Andrew a bubble mower, since she loves to help with yard work! Andrew loved the mower, saying that he was probably the only dad out there to get a plastic mower for Father's Day!
Chloe and Andrew posing in their PJs

Cute daddy and daughter ready for church! Chloe is so lucky to have Andrew as her daddy. She loves to play with him and squeals when he chases her around the house! When she hears the garage door open when Andrew is getting home from work, she stops what she is doing and runs to the door to greet him! Happy Father's Day to the best daddy!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


These pictures were taken at some point in the last month. Chloe's first taste of watermelon. She has since become nearly obsessed with it! This is Chloe begging watermelon from her cousin Shae, who was nice enough to share with Chloe and Devin. (Yes, for all you germ-friendly people, they are all eating the same piece....)