Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy anniversary!!

Andrew and I decided to get away for our anniversary again this year, even though I feel ready to burst!! I love this tradition of a kid free vacation to celebrate our marriage!! My parents came up to watch Chloe and we went up to Reno for the weekend. We stayed at the Grand Sierra Resort and it was amazing!!! There is so much to do in the resort; it is almost like a city!! There is the casino, a bunch of restaurants, shops, a bowling alley, a driving range, a movie theater, and a bunch more.
On Saturday, we went to the Truckee River Festival, where there were vendors and a kayak contest. It was fun to see the competitors doing tricks in the rapids in their little kayaks.
Wow, that baby boy is getting big!!
Happy Anniversary, and Happy Birthday, to my awesome hubby!!!

Happy Mother's Day!

We went to church this morning, and then went to Mr. Pickles to get sandwiches. That's what this preggo mama was craving! These pictures were taken outside the sandwich shop, under cover from the rain. I am not feeling so glamorous these days, but Andrew insisted that we take pictures, because I would regret it later if we didn't. He's probably right! I married a smart man!!
Chloe and Mommy
3 generations! Gree, Chloe and Mommy

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

On the Roof!

Grandpa was doing some work on the gutters, and had the ladder leaning on the roof. Of course, Chloe and her cousins wanted to climb up there. Much to this mommy's dismay, Andrew took Chloe up there....

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Zoo with Gree and Gramps

Andrew is in Napa for the century bike ride, so I asked my parents to come up here for the weekend to help me with Chloe. My energy level is not very high these days as this baby boy is getting bigger, and keeping up with Chloe is getting harder. Elaine had Shae and Devin Friday night, as both Kristen and Charlie are riding too. I had plans to go to Jodi's baby shower this morning, so my parents were going to watch Chloe for me. They, along with Elaine and Jen, decided to take all the kids to the zoo. Today is my dad's birthday--thanks for celebrating it at the zoo with all the kids!!!! Happy birthday to the best Gramps out there!!
Gree getting a bit artsy with the pics!
apparently, they had to convince her to ride the panda. wanted to have a picture for me!

Ella, Shae, Eben, Chloe, and Devin
Ella and Chloe look so little!
I love that Chloe is growing up to be friends with all her cousins!!!