Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

For Halloween, Chloe wanted to be Rapunzel, and she wanted Micah to either be a prince or the horse from Tangled. Thankfully, Rebecca had the brilliant idea that Micah could be Pascal, the chameleon from the Tangled movie. I bought Micah some green sweats and Elaine magically transformed them into a chameleon costume! Thanks so much!!
In the car, driving to church for Trunk or Treat!

Thanks to Dean for the following pictures....
Em, D, Shae, Chloe, with their dragon Devin

One of the cars was decorated as Rapunzel's tower. Chloe was being shy and wouldn't let the other Rapunzel hold her!
Em and D posing at the princess castle

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Disney on Ice

This afternoon Chloe and I went to see Disney on Ice at Arco. It was so cute to see all the girls dressed up and so excited to see their favorite princesses!! Thanks, Jen, for inviting us and getting some awesome seats for an even more awesome price!
Irie, Claire, Chloe, and Ella are ready to see the show!
still waiting!
My favorite was Alice in Wonderland, when the playing cards came out and turned around and the cards were two-sided. It was so cool to see them spinning around, red on the front and black on the back, but otherwise you can't tell the front from the back!!
This was Chloe's favorite...all the princesses dancing with their princes.

Pumpkin Carving

Today was a super busy day, and we managed to squeeze in time to carve Chloe's pumpkin from the pumpkin farm field trip. We have other pumpkins, too, but probably won't carve them. Oh well!
yes, she is licking the pumpkin top here!
the final product!
Chloe loves to put the pumpkin in the bathroom so she can turn off all the lights and see the pumpkin glow!

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Today was a fun day! We had Emelyn, Delaney, and Alannah over for the afternoon, and Andrew built them a huge fort in the living room. The older girls ate lunch in the fort and had a blast! For dessert, all the kids ate Fudgsicles. This was Micah's first popsicle, and he loved it!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Preschool Dress Up Day!

At preschool today, the kids got to dress up in their costumes and go trick or treating in the church office and Life with Spice. It was so cute to see all these little kids parade around the church! Chloe refused to wear her Rapunzel hair, but I got her to carry it for much of the parade. After the parade, I stayed to volunteer in the class, and it was fun to see Chloe play with her friends and learn a bit of the class routines. Love the preschool!
Luke and Chloe during circle time
all the princesses showing off their costumes
ready to trick or treat

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sac PD Horses

Jodi organized a fun playdate at the Sacramento Police Department horse stables today for our mom2mom group. We had a lesson about horse safety and watched a policeman ride around the arena on a horse, and then the policeman said that our kids could sit on a horse and pose for pictures. Well, to the excitement of all the kids (and the mommies with cameras), they led each kid around the arena for a short horse ride.
Chloe and Luke waiting for their turns to ride
Cowboy Luke and Chloe
got bored waiting and playing in the dirt
Chloe loved her horse ride!
windy day!
so big!!
Delaney, Emelyn, Luke and Chloe having fun at the arena!
lunch time!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Kids at Doctor

After getting haircuts today, we had lunch with Kari and the boys, and then I took Chloe to the doctor because she has had her cough for over a month and it seems to be getting worse. Doctor says it is a new cold that she is getting, so that is why the symptoms are worse. Awesome! While we were there, I decided to have the kids get their flu shots, and Micah was able to get a few other vaccines that he needed. Here they are hanging out on the table waiting for the nurse to get everything ready...

Micah's First Haircut!

Kari and I took Sam and Micah for haircuts today....this was Micah's first official haircut. I had trimmed it a few times at home, but it was needing help from a trained professional to even it up! Micah was so brave...he didn't cry at all, and only whined a little bit. His hairdresser's name was Katie and she was awesome with him!!

not so sure about this!
those clippers tickle!
all done!
Handsome boy!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fun times with the Serranos

Jodi watched the kids today while I worked, and she was super brave and took all 5 kids on an adventure!! They went shopping, to the park, and to the library!!! She is my hero. And she managed to take some super cute pictures to document the fun! Here are some I stole from her FB page...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Preschool Field Trip

We had a field trip to the pumpkin farm today with Chloe's preschool class. This was our second attempt for the field trip--last time it got rained out! Today was nice and warm!!
Chloe and Luke on the hay ride...he refused to turn around!
Chloe and Luke getting ready to feed the goats

walking through the corn maze (well, more like a path!)

Micah (with Kari) and Sam getting ready to go down the slide

standing in line waiting for the big slides