Friday, September 26, 2008

9 months old!

My little baby girl is nine months old! I can't believe it! Chloe is such a great baby and we feel so blessed to have her in our lives. She has been teething for the past few months, but has still been a pretty happy baby. A little bit more whining than usual, and a harder time falling asleep, but that is about all. In the past week, Chloe's bottom two teeth have finally broken through. It is hard to get a picture of them, because Chloe is very shy about her new teeth and likes to close her mouth tightly whenever we try to feel her teeth or get a picture of them! I was able to get a few decent pictures, though, in her high chair the other day:
Chloe's new way of eating puffs--she takes little bites of them, munching down with her gums! This picture does the best job of showing off her little teeth!
Chloe has also discovered how fun it is to stick out her tongue!
Chloe was playing in the bathroom the other day while I was getting ready. It was so cute because she rolled over onto her back and was just playing with her ring, chillin in the bathroom.
Chloe was so happy last night to take a bath with her cousin Shae. We went over there to play with Shae on her 4th birthday! Despite this picture, Chloe really did enjoy the bath! She was not a fan of being on her back!

Monday, September 15, 2008


I have been getting bugged by many of you to post. I know, it has been almost a month! Chloe has been working to grow some teeth, but will not keep her mouth open long enough for me to get a picture of the two tiny white bumps on her lower gums. I will keep trying. She seems to be over the worst of the pain of the teething, as she is not crying as much and is not as whiny.
We have a little inflatable pool in our backyard, that Chloe just loves! She crawls around, plays with her plastic cups, splashes both of us, and drinks the pool water. Yummy!! Here are some of my favorite pool pictures: I love how the color of her eyes match the pool in this one....
Not so sure about being on her back....
her favorite thing is to wave her cup around and bounce
happy girl!
not so happy with getting soaked~~but she never cries when she gets water in her face!