Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cast off!

After wearing this cast since May 31st, I am getting my cast cut off tomorrow! I am so excited!!!  I have not walked more than a few steps in 6 weeks, and I am so anxious to find out what the xrays show and hear what the doctor has to say. 
I have been riding around on this scooter crutch for the past 6 weeks. It has been a lifesaver!!!  I had to cover the seat, so that my kids wouldn't mangle it. They call this my "bike" and want to ride on it too!!
Pretty purple cast--bye bye!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Post Party Pics

After we got home from the party, Chloe was so thirsty that she had to have two drinks, milk and water, and drink them both at the same time. Gross!! And she wanted me to take a picture.

so silly
she took a picture of Micah's birthday balloons from Kari and family
and she wanted to take a picture of me. Micah saw it and said "pretty mama!" :)

Micah's Birthday Party

My awesome friend Kari hosted a birthday party for Micah today. They have a great backyard and a newly redone pool, so it was a perfect location!  We invited the Serranos to join us, and had a birthday BBQ party. We started out playing in the backyard. Chloe and Luke swam in the big pool, and all the other kids swam in the kiddie pool. Then we ate yummy BBQ, decorated cupcakes, and then moved the party inside.  Dean made a movie of pictures of Micah's last year, which we watched many times. We love it!!!  
Thanks to everyone for helping so much, so this broken mama could sit with my leg elevated. I am so looking forward to getting my cast off next week!

Dealney, Emelyn, Chloe, and Luke having dinner at the kid table
Micah and Alannah on a date!
Micah did not like getting his hands dirty, so I ended up holding his cupcake for him! silly boy!!
Daddy helped me decorate my cupcake
Dean with Alannah, who loved her cupcake!
Luke is a happy guy!
Sam loved his cupcake too!
reading the new book from Alannah (and family)
(Thanks to Dean for taking all these great pictures)

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Look at my handsome boy!  Elle did such a good job cutting his hair, and he did not cry at all! 

Swimmer ballerina

One of Chloe's coaches gave her this team suit at the meet today. She was so excited, and had to go put it on immediately. I was not at the meet, because of my busted leg, so Andrew texted me this picture of her. So silly!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Yes, this is a whole post about cupcakes, because my son loves cupcakes!!!  He calls many sweets cupcakes. In fact, that is what I woke up to on Mother's Day--Micah coming down the hall saying, "cupcake, cupcake" as Andrew and the kids brought me french toast!  Anyway, here are pictures of Micah with his birthday cupcake!
watching Daddy carry his cupcake
blowing out the candle
yummy frosting!
dirty hands
lick off the frosting
gotta use a napkin to get clean
love my cupcake!

Happy Birthday, Micah!!

Today, my boy turns two!!!  Happy birthday to my sweet baby!  Micah is such a loving, active little guy. He loves to follow Chloe around and mimic what she does. He gives us all the best squeeze hugs and loves to cuddle up when he gets tired. Otherwise, it is hard to get him to sit still for very long. He loves cars, trucks, trains, airplanes, animals, and it is so fun to watch him learning imaginative play with his toys!  We love you, Micah!

"bbbrrrr" flying the airplane we gave him
he loved this Mickey card that sang to him!
riding the new car Gree and Gramps gave him

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

mom2mom VBS

Elle and Rebecca had a fun idea to host a free VBS at various parks this summer, and today was the first one. We met up at Seely park, let the kids play in the water, then Rebecca led us in a craft, Elle ran some games, then the kids ate and listened to a Bible story, and we finished up with Jodi leading the kids in some singing. It was such a fun morning!

fun water game!

That's Micah in the white shirt. He stared at Teddy and Gilbert the whole singing time!

Monday, June 11, 2012

2 year check up

Andrew took Micah in for his 2 year check up this morning. I was so sad to miss the appointment, but it was easier for me to stay home than try to go with my crutches. Andrew said that Micah has moved up to the big kid scale, as he is too heavy for the baby one!  Here are his stats:

Weight: 32 lbs (89th percentile)
Height: 3' 1" (97th percentile)

This boy was born big and is staying big! Although, this is the first checkup where his height has been a higher percentile than his weight. It makes sense, though, because he never sits still!!  He burns off all that food he eats!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Swanston Park

We had a playdate with friends from our Wednesday night group today. I was so thankful for Elle and Toby, who helped us in and out of the car, and ran after Micah for me. This broken mama has a hard time taking care of her super active boy! Oh yeah, they also took these pictures....

Monday, June 4, 2012

Carl's lunch

My crazy kids needed to get out of the house on this rainy day, so my parents and I took them to Happy Star for lunch and play. I know they both have food in their mouths, but I think this picture is so cute of them sharing a chair and saying cheese!