Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Chloe's first bike ride

Chloe got a bike trailer for her birthday (thanks grandma and grandpa) and we took advantage of the beautiful weather recently to give it a try. She was ok being in the trailer, but she hated her helmet!!

get me out of here!
dad rescued her
back in the trailer and all strapped in

once they got moving, Chloe was happier
chillin in the trailer

Chloe figured out that if she held up her helmet, she could see better and she would be much happier! She rode most of the way holding up her helmet like this! It was so cute!!


Last week, Andrew had to go to LA for a three day training for work. When I found out that he was going to be there for my birthday, I was initially very cranky. Then, I found out that in 2009, everyone can go to Disneyland for free on their birthday!!! So, we left Chloe at home with grandma (thanks Elaine and mom for splitting the week) and Andrew and I had a child-free 3 days in LA. In addition to going to Disneyland on Wednesday, I also got to see some good friends from my college days who live in the LA area. It was fun to catch up!!

This is a before picture of me on the Matterhorn......and the after picture below. Not looking so excited anymore. Maybe this should have been a warning that I can't ride all the roller coasters that I used to be able to ride in my youth!!

My friend Jen and her son Alton suffered through the day at Disneyland with me :). We had fun on the Buzz Lightyear and Toy Story rides, even though Jen beat me by an embarrasing amount! I will claim it is because she has experience with these rides, as she has an annual pass and rides these rides frequently. I like to think that I could be as cool as her with more practice!!!

After Andrew got off work, he and his coworkers met us at downtown Disney for dinner at ESPN zone. They called ahead to get my name on the scrolling banner outside. So fun! It is on a 15 minute loop, so we sat there until I could record it.....Skip past the employee info, and then you'll see my name in lights!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Chloe's Birthday Party

To celebrate Chloe's first birthday, we had some of her little girlfriends over for a playdate (plus two cousins who were "helpers")

Delaney, Meigan, Chloe, Winter, Shaelyn, Emelyn, Devin (please correct me if I got the twins mixed up). Ella and Rylie were both sick and unable to make it to the party
Chloe was so excited about all her presents!
The cake for the adults.Chloe's own personal alphabet block cake
Singing happy birthday

yummy frosting!

hooray! I am winning!

Andrew is helping to get the mess started

getting nice and messy

here, Dad, try this!

Random fun pics

This was Chloe at her family birthday party. Shae gave her a tutu, so she can start learning to be a ballerina. Chloe loved it, and also loved climbing up on the chairs! (Ella exploring in the background.)
Chloe has started making this Popeye face--it is so funny!

Chloe is helping our neighbor Justin play Guitar Hero
she took over the guitar!

Chloe and Ella in matching outfits, sharing and stealing toys.

Cousin Chris

So, a few months ago (that's right, a few months) Chloe and I drove down to Fairfield to meet up with my cousin Chris (aka CJ) for lunch. He was meeting with a recruiter at Travis Air Force Base, so we took the opportunity to see each other. It was during this lunch that Chloe had her first taste of lemons and she loved them!! Here she is feeding Chris her lemon.
Despite the look on her face, she kept eating the lemon!

I love this picture!