Friday, April 27, 2012

Aerospace Museum

We joined up with some of our friends from the mom2mom group for a playdate today at the Aerospace Museum off Watt. It started out with storytime, which was a bit disappointing. The volunteer read one short story to the kids, and it was not at all interactive, and then it was over, and we were ushered out of the kid play area. Oh well!!  Chloe sat still for the whole book; Micah sat for about 5 seconds!!

Love how Gavin is glaring at the camera. Elle said he hates to get his picture taken!
Micah loved going outside and seeing all the airplanes. He kept pointing, and saying "airplane, airplane!!"

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Muddy boys

Andrew was working on a broken sprinkler head this afternoon and he had a "helper!"  Micah LOVED working with daddy and getting all muddy. It was so cute seeing them out there together!
Micah is cracking me up with how serious he looks here!
Using the water gun pencil shooter toy to suck water out of the hole. 
big boy with a shovel!
Micah has impressive balance!
All done and washing off daddy!!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Swim Team!

Chloe has been anxious to start swim team ever since we told her she was going to join the Carmichael Beavers Swim Team with her cousins. She has been asking every day, sometimes multiple times a day for the past month when is swim team going to start. We can't think of anything else she has been this excited about! The team practices at Del Campo, which is the high school down the street, so it is nice and close!!
Chloe, Ella, and Shae listening to their coach!
The coach had all the kids line up behind the starting blocks, and was going to have them jump off the blocks into the deep end and swim a lap. I freaked out and bit and let them know that she can't swim!! Then they moved the 6 and unders to the shallow end and had the junios coaches (high schoolers) get into the pool with the kids. Much better!!! There are lots of non swimmers, and it was a bit crazy tonight, but I am sure it will get better!!
Chloe and Ella in their "Scott" swim caps waiting to get in!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Chocolate bunnies

The kids got Chocolate bunnies in their Easter baskets, and have been anxious to eat them. They each took a few bites, and then were done. Micah tried to feed his to me, and Chloe wanted to save hers for later!

PJ Snuggles!

I enjoyed some snuggle time this morning with my sweet kiddos reading books. I love this precious time with them!! It is rare that I can have both of them cuddling at the same time, and not fighting over me!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Giants vs. A's

Today was such a fun day. We met up with my parents in Vallejo, passed Micah off to them, and took Chloe to SF for the Giants/A's preseason game. She has been so excited for this day to come! For the past few weeks, she kept asking if it was time to go to the game!
Giants fan!
As Chloe tells us, "The boys cheer for the A's, and the girls cheer for the Giants!"
(Micah was grumpy here, because he just woke up from a car nap)
Daddy and Chloe ready to enter AT&T Park!
Chloe loved the kid play area here!! She went on the slide, which was FREE, about 15 times! In the mini baseball diamond, when it was Chloe's turn at bat, she told the man pitching to her that she didn't need the tee. So, he pitched the ball to her, and she hit it on the second try!!!!! She definitely got that talent from her daddy!

Playing on the bleachers while we waited for the crowds to clear.
After I took a picture of her, she took a picture of me!
Glarey family pic after the game
Giants fans, even though they lost this game 8-1
"Mommy, take a picture of me hugging the tree!" Ummmm, ok!
She had to pose on the seal also!