Saturday, April 30, 2011


After the walk this morning, we drove to San Rafael to meet up with the whole family to celebrate dad's birthday tomorrow!
Nitiya took this picture of Chloe. Isn't she beautiful??

March of Dimes Walk

I joined up with a team of women in the March of Dimes March for Babies walk downtown. It was a beautiful morning celebrating preemie babies, like Katie McDonald's twins Violet and Maera, who we were walking in honor and memory of.

Micah and Alannah were awesome in the double BOB. They even took naps!
Me and Jodi at the finish line!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Silly Grandpa

Bill and Elaine came over for dinner tonight, and Chloe was entertaining us with her singing and dancing skills. She then decided that it was Grandpa's turn, and he seemed very comfortable belting out tunes and strumming on the Elmo guitar!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cousin Photos & Easter Egg Hunt

This afternoon we went to Bill and Elaine's for a yummy lunch and Easter Egg hunt. Thanks to Elaine for all her hard work, and for buying these adorable matching clothes for all the grandkids!
my contribution to lunch--homemade bunny artisan bread! (and spinach dip)
all the cousins!
beautiful girls!
Micah was NOT happy about being in the tree house!
love this picture of Eben and Devin!
helping Micah find eggs--his first ever Easter egg hunt!
he is so cute!!
look, mom, a sticker!!
what a good big cousin!

bringing me money from one of her eggs. love it!
Ella and Chloe are so cute!
Not sure what I am pointing at here, but we loved how Chloe lined up all of her and Micah's eggs without any prompting. Elaine commented that she is her father's daughter!!


Andrew remembered that we took pictures of Chloe last year with the lilies in our backyard. so had her pose today in the same spot. The first few are cute, but her hair was messed up!! So I fixed her clip before he took the rest!!

Daddy being silly with the lilies!

then Micah woke up to join in the fun!

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter!! Chloe woke up to a jelly bean trail from the Easter Bunny leading her to her Easter Basket. We were happy to let her clean these up before Micah woke up!
jelly beans=breakfast of champions!
princess lip gloss was the favorite item

the glow bracelets were a close second!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bike ride!

Andrew and I are signed up for a bike ride on May 7. I am going to attempt to ride 35 miles, and Andrew's doing 65. We have not been training much, so we decided to load up the kids and go for a ride! They did so great in there together!! Micah cried a few times, but Chloe would stick his pacifier in his mouth, and he took a few short naps. We rode 10 miles today and are going to do 15-20 miles tomorrow....

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Two princesses!

We had Juni over for a playdate today, and she and Chloe played so well together!! I loved how they shared toys, took turns, and communicated their frustrations, rather than screaming or crying (which Chloe is apt to do!) Chloe was so funny--she told me that Juni looks kind of like Ella, so she started calling her Ella. When I reminded her that we had Juni over, not Ella, Chloe said, "I know, but she looks like Ella, so I am going to call her Ella!!"
peeling the paper off crayons...
Tinkerbell and Cinderella creating a masterpiece!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Back when I was in junior high, my Grandma Katherine brought some yellow highway daisies to my parents' house. She thought they were pretty and they planted them in the front yard. Fast forward about 20 years, and these flowers have taken over their front lawn....Chloe had fun sitting in the field of flowers!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tahoe City, Day 2

On Saturday, the Ewers drove up for the day to play and sled with us. Chloe had fun playing with Shae and Devin, and I think their presence made her a bit more brave on the sledding hill!!
Grandma and Aunt Kristen hard at work digging a sled run

Micah did NOT like his snow suit or the snow, but he had fun hanging out with Uncle Charlie!

We had such a fun weekend!! Thanks to Bill and Elaine for getting this cabin and to the Ewers for joining us!

Tahoe City, Day 1

Bill and Elaine took our family on a weekend getaway to a cabin near Tahoe City. There was a ton of snow there, and we had fun playing!!!
Chloe with her snow princess. Note the "crown" she is wearing!
Cuddles in the snow cave Andrew dug
Chloe had a hard time walking in the snow, and this was her preferred way to get around!!
I love the expression on her face here!