Sunday, August 30, 2009

18 month check up

Chloe had her 18 month check up appointment, and here she is posing on the scale. Her stats: weight: 25 pounds, 15.3 ounces. height: 33.25. Both are around the 70th percentile. She had to get 3 shots at this visit, but I was thrilled to learn two things. First, she doesn't have to get any more vaccines until she is 4!! Second, because her allergy to eggs is mild (she can eat eggs baked into foods, like cookies, bread, etc) she is allowed to get the flu shot!! Hooray!! When we found out that she was allergic to eggs (terrible rash and vomiting after eating scrambled eggs), I was told by numerous people, including the ER doctor, that Chloe would not be able to get flu shots. But her pediatrician disagrees. He even showed me the documentation showing that kids like Chloe can get it. I am so relieved!!
In other news, Chloe has learned to ride a scooter. This picture was taken in front of Grandma and Grandpa's house. Chloe is able to ride up and down the sidewalk. Pretty amazing for a 20 month old!! I think watching her older cousins ride helped her learn how! Hopefully, this is a sign that she inherited her dad's coordination, rather than her mom's clumsiness!!!
Please see the next post for her photo session pictures.....

18 months old (posting 2 months late!!)

In June, Chloe turned 18 months old!! Yes, that was two months ago, and I have since posted about other events in her life. Somehow, I overlooked the age milestone. Sorry, Chloe!!
My friend Jennifer recently started a photography business (Looking Glass Photography, ) and she met Chloe and I at the park to take some 18 month pictures of her. These pictures were actually taken in June before Chloe turned 18 months old. Jennifer took such great pictures, despite a less than willing subject, and I had such a hard time deciding which pictures I wanted copies of. I think they are all so cute!! I did manage to pick out a few (well, quite a few) pictures to post here.....

The many faces of Chloe Katherine Scott

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Some random pics

building a legos tower with daddy

our little hoodlum!

at the dinner table. I had just gotten home from the gym, and Chloe was practicing her best smiles! When we say "smile," she says "cheese" and scrunches up her face like this....She used to keep at least one eye open, but I guess her pose is progressing!

chillin on mom and dad's bed. She was sitting on our bed watching cartoons while I was getting ready for work, and I guess she thought it was too tempting and needed to sprawl out. Given enough time, I think she would have fallen asleep!

Big climber!

Last week, Jen and I took Chloe and Ella to the park for a little cousin playdate. It is so cute to watch them talk and laugh and follow each other around! Chloe amazes me with her bravery and strength whenever we go to the park. She climbed all the way to the top of this rock wall! Pretty impressive for 19 months old!! (Ella was a bit more cautious and stayed closer to the ground)

San Francisco Zoo

Last week, Chloe and I travelled to San Francisco with our friend Andrea, and her two kids, Drew and Ava. Drew had a doctor's appointment at UCSF, and Chloe and I went along to help keep Andrea entertained for the drive, allow her to use the carpool lane, and watch Ava during the appointment. We decided to leave for SF early, so we could take the kids to the SF zoo. It was a speedy trip through the zoo, but I think we got to see all the animals we wanted to. I was excited to see the bears, because we do not have those at the Sacramento Zoo. I was sad to learn, though, that there are no longer elephants at the SF Zoo. Chloe has never seen one, so we will have to figure that one our for a future outing.
After the zoo, Andrea and Drew went to his appointment, and Chloe, Ava, and I grabbed some lunch at the food court--yummy Panda Express. There were no parks or playgrounds within walking distance, so we took a walk to Starbucks. Ava and Chloe enjoyed eating "cones" as Ava called her scone!! Chloe loved playing with Ava, and Ava made it a game to see how much she could make Chloe giggle. So cute!!! By the time we cleaned up and walked back, Andrea and Drew were all done. Despite the 3 1/2 hour drive home in traffic, the kids did great watching movies in the van, and it was a fun day. I am convinced that the next vehicle we own will have a DVD player! All the kids were great little passengers!
Ava, Chloe, Drew checking out the animals
two-headed giraffe (just kidding)
we thought the safari area of the zoo was neat--like
a much smaller version of the San Diego wild animal park
posing with my little girl!Chloe, Ava, Drew on the bear
Drew was holding on tight to Chloe, so she wouldn't fall off!
Chloe loves her friends!!

polar bear--one of my favorites! (doesn't compare to the giant pandas, but it will have to do!)