Wednesday, October 28, 2009

First Pony Ride!

We went to Apple Hill with Andrew's family to celebrate Peter's birthday and decided that Chloe would have her first pony ride. We were not sure how she would react, but she did great! I think it helped that all her big cousins were also riding.

Big girl on a pony! She was so cute because she just had her hands lightly resting on the saddle horn, not holding on tight like we though she would!
When Chloe would come around to us, we would wave and say "Hi" and she was so excited! When we told her to pet the pony, she reached out and touched the mane. So cute!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Clear Lake

In September, we went away for a weekend with Andrew's parents to Clear Lake. I had called the chamber of commerce before we went to find out about the algae levels in different areas of the lake, and was told that the town of Nice was clear. We had a lovely house on the water, but the shoreline was coated with algae. So, we weren't able to swim or play in the water, but it was still a pretty view from our deck.....

Chloe with her infamous smile
out geocaching
strong girl breaking a stick

Chloe loved feeding the ducks with Grandma

Make up lessons, please!

I found Chloe in the bathroom the other day, putting on make up. I think she needs a bit of help!