Friday, May 18, 2012

The boot

Even with no exercising for 2 weeks, my ankle was not getting better, so I went in for another xray on Wednesday. My doctor said that I have a "nondisplaced fracture of the fibula" so need to be in a boot. Lovely!  So, here I am watching Jodi and all the kids swim, from the comfort of the shade!  
(Shortly after this picture was taken, Micah got a bit too close to the hot tub and fell in. I immediately started to run to grab him, remembered I was in the boot, and started hopping. Jodi jumped out of the pool, and we got to him about the same time. He was freaking me out because he was floating face down and not even trying to lift his head up to breathe. We pulled him out and he coughed a bit, but was totally fine. I did manage to hurt my ankle more with that move, though, so now can't really walk on it at all....)

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