Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Santa photo

Every year we take a cousin photo with Santa--here is the picture from this year, taken a few weeks ago. Both Chloe and Ella started crying as soon as they saw Santa, but we decided to be mean mommies and make them sit on Santa's lap anyway. I love the contrast in this picture of Chloe and Ella crying and Eben, Devin, and Shae all standing and smiling like little angels. Chloe and Ella both refused to go to bed that night until close to 10:00 pm. They were also both afraid of figurines of Santa, as well as books about him. I think we traumatized them!! They are a bit better now, and can at least see pictures of Santa without running away or crying!!!
We have this picture printed and on our refrigerator. Chloe points at it and says, "Chloe, Ella sad. Eben, Devin, Shae Shae happy." Too cute!!

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Dernhelm said...

how come all that kids that would cry over Santa Have to be on his lap?