Saturday, September 8, 2012

Happy anniversary!

Tonight we had a wonderful dinner celebration for my parents' 40th wedding anniversary. They are such a wonderful example to me, and we are so thankful that dad is feeling great and able to celebrate!!!  Love you, Mom and Dad!
the happy couple
My cousins Cathy and Bill
My cousins Rori and Karen
 My cousins Eva and Bob
Cousins Bob and Pat
My Uncle Bill and Aunt Paula
Chloe with neighbor "Grandma" Carol
happy family!

David and Peggy
Peggy and mom--best friends!
Cousin Karen is so cool--she brought new toys for the kids to play with at the restaurant. Here Karen and Carol are helping Chloe make a necklace with pop beads.

Chloe loves her daddy, with his pretty crown!
Cousin Bill, Uncle Bill, Cousin Bob, and Aunt Paula
Ade and me

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