Thursday, July 7, 2011

Discovery Kingdom, rides

Chloe and I joined Kristen, Shae, Devin, and Hannah for a fun-filled day at Discovery Kingdom. I keep wanting to call it Marine World...oh well!!
Chloe and Devin ready for their first ride!
Shae and Hannah
Devin on the far left
Chloe and Shae
Chloe was a bit freaked out at this point! Notice all the other kids have their hands in the air, and Chloe is holding on tightly!! Thankfully, Kristen is awesome, and ran over and pretended to catch Chloe as the ride would go up, and then fall a bit, and repeated this a few times. I thought they were going to have to stop the ride so Chloe could get off, but Kristen made her laugh, so all was good. whew!!
Dumbo ride....

Ugh, tea cups. There was no way that either Kristen or I were going to ride with the kids on this one!!!

For the most part, the kids did great. We walked a bunch, and the kids traded turns riding in the wagon. Chloe enjoyed most of the rides, except for the water ride--of course!! I should have known better and not taken her on it, but it was hot out and I thought it would be fun to cool off. She was ok until about halfway through, she got splashed by a huge wave and her clothes were soaked. She cried the rest of the ride.....thankfully we had a set of dry clothes and got her quickly changed and cheered up as soon as we got off the ride. Everyone else rode again, but Chloe and I sat in the sun to warm up and dry off!

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