Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cousin Photos & Easter Egg Hunt

This afternoon we went to Bill and Elaine's for a yummy lunch and Easter Egg hunt. Thanks to Elaine for all her hard work, and for buying these adorable matching clothes for all the grandkids!
my contribution to lunch--homemade bunny artisan bread! (and spinach dip)
all the cousins!
beautiful girls!
Micah was NOT happy about being in the tree house!
love this picture of Eben and Devin!
helping Micah find eggs--his first ever Easter egg hunt!
he is so cute!!
look, mom, a sticker!!
what a good big cousin!

bringing me money from one of her eggs. love it!
Ella and Chloe are so cute!
Not sure what I am pointing at here, but we loved how Chloe lined up all of her and Micah's eggs without any prompting. Elaine commented that she is her father's daughter!!

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