Monday, May 18, 2009

Playing with Alton

Chloe had so much fun playing with her buddy Alton. Too bad he lives all the way in LA! The cutest part for me was when she started calling him "All-ta!" I love the words she creates to say things!

Here they are with the water table:
She had so much fun, I might have to buy her a table!
there's that "say cheese" smile again!

Chloe also discovered pickles on this vacation:

Chloe had a hard time sleeping while we were on our trip--new places, new crib. Once she finally got used to sleeping in the hotel, we moved her to Jen and Travis' house. By the last day, she was sleeping like a champ, and even decided to make her crib a bit more comfy??
She pulled their wall calendar down and was sleeping on it! I thought this was so cute!!


Steve and Marisa said...

How funny. I love the pose and the calendar. it's amazing what they find intersting

Graham Like the Cracker said...

tee hee...