Tuesday, March 31, 2009

15 months old!

I have been very bad about taking pictures lately. The one above was a trip to the doctor last week (taken on my cell phone, so not good quality). Chloe had been fighting a cold for a few days, and was not sleeping well. When she started throwing herself on the ground crying on Friday morning, I decided to take her in to get her ears checked. I figured that she must be in pain to be acting like that. Her doctor checked her out and all was fine. He said that she was probably acting so dramatic because she was not feeling well and was probably tired from not sleeping well. I should has known, because she has been throwing some good temper tantrums lately--when I tell her no, when I take something away, when she is tired.... We keep trying to remind her that she is not 2 yet, but the reminders don't seem to help yet!! Other than discovering this new side to her personality, Chloe is still a happy and very talkative little girl, who is such a joy to us! I will try to be better about taking pictures and some video too!!

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