Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday!

So, I am a bit ashamed that it has been a month and a half since my last post, but at least I am getting this one in before the end of 2008! We have had a lot of fun with Chloe's first Christmas and her first birthday, which was on December 26th.
The cousin photo with Santa. This went a lot better than we were expecting!
The following pictures were some that our friend DeAnna took of our family. Chloe was not in the best mood that day, and we had many crying pics, so I had to share!

Christmas was interesting this year, as most of our family was sick. I forgot to take my camera to Andrew's parents house for Christmas Eve, so I do not have any pictures of the fun. Andrew dressed up as Santa to give all the kids gifts. Eben is too smart and knew it was Uncle Ace, but we tried to keep him quiet to not spoil it for the other kids. Chloe got lots of fun presents--Noah's Ark with fun animals to chew on, bath toys, and a fake camcorder. She also has new outfits she gets to show off in the new year!
Christmas Day was at our house, with my parents and friend Ade. It was nice to open presents in our pajamas and have a relaxing morning. Our big present was a Wii and have had fun playing games since Thursday. My mom helped me cook my first Christmas dinner and it turned out really good! I took pictures of the table, and my ham and turkey. We invited our neighbors over for dinner and had a great dinner. It appears though, that I took more pictures of the dinner, than opening presents Christmas morning. Oh well....
Chloe in her Christmas pjs
pretty table

yummy ham
yummy turkey
December 26th was Chloe's first birthday. We gave Chloe her first sugar rush with a cupcake. She got so excited when we were singing happy birthday to her.
Her favorite part of the cupcake was the sprinkles. She picked those off and ate some. She hated the frosting and the cake.
Showing off her messy hands.
Chloe quickly was over the mess and stickiness on her hands, and wanted to be done with it all.

"Get this stuff off me!!"
We entered Chloe in the CW 31 first birthday club, which aired on Friday. Here is a video I took on my camera of her on the news. Chloe's 10 seconds of fame!!!


DeAnna said...

Happy Birthday Chloe!! THat is awesome that she got a Birthday shout out on the news! Sounds like you guys had a great Christmas and Birthday celebration!

Amy, Steve, Molly and the twins said...

Happy Birthday Chloe! Amazing to think she's one already! Time flies...

Paige said...

What a great idea the birthday club is! It's great that your first big holiday meal was a success but you are a really good cook so that's not surprising!

DeAnna does a great job and I really love crying baby photo's they are fun!